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Who we are

A Family Business

Once upon a time, a baby idea was born into a family, the idea was called MOJO Products. The family gave MOJO Products lots of tender love and care as MOJO Products was small and sweet and everyone liked it. However, the problem was MOJO Products needed to grow as it was tired of being small and sweet. So MOJO Products did just that, it grew and grew and grew until it felt it was big enough to take on the World Wide Web.

So now here we are everyone, welcome to MOJO Products your new shopping destination for buying your next battery.  Put the mojo back into your Golf Trolley, Mobility Scooter, Camper Van, Motorbike, Ferrari (you wish) whatever it may be, we have the battery for you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then please contact us so we can help. At MOJO Products we offer a wide variety of batteries for all applications to suit your needs.

 MOJO Products Service

 We will make this section simple, service, service and you guessed it service. At Mojo Products we want every customer to have that warm fuzzy feeling inside after you have purchased something you really desire and not the angry feeling inside where you tell yourself you’re never online shopping again.  Here at MOJO Products, we will strive to offer the best shopping experience combined with great customer service, so that you always feel fuzzy.

 Our Products and Brands

 MOJO Products offers you the very best products and brands available. All of our batteries are manufactured to Original Equipment standards and for some major worldwide brands. The quality and reliability of all of our products is second-to-none which makes life easier for you, knowing the battery you buy is reliable and right for the job.

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