AGM, EFB Stop / Start Batteries

Over the past few years, it is evident that there has been a focus on global warming and ways to slow down and reduce its potential impacts.

Recycling waste, energy efficient light bulbs, constant reminders to use less hot water and now it is all about reducing our carbon footprint. Reducing our carbon footprint isn’t voluntary anymore the EU have targets and the car manufactures must meet these. Stop start batteries are used in vehicles to help reduce emissions and overall help the environment.

At Mojo Products we stock Monbat car batteries, both AGM and EFB.

There are many ways to reduce a vehicles emission but the one that affect us is the change in Battery Technology.

The Facts:

  • New cars must cut C02 emissions to 130g/km by 2015 and 95g/km by 2020
  • If a new car goes over these emission figures vehicle manufactures will charged up to 250 euros per gm.
  • Since 2009 there has been a 19% reduction in C02 emissions from in the UK. So, the campaign is working.

The Batteries

The logic is quite simple, when the car isn’t moving turn the engine off and this will reduce a lot of C02. The old battery technology just doesn’t have the strength to deal with that type of demand. So, the batteries have been improved massively.

There are two main battery types to cope with the stop start vehicles. Enhanced flooded batteries and AGM. There are used on cars which have brake regeneration system and basic stop start.

The Facts:

  • By 2015 70-80% of cars produced in Europe will have one of these two batteries types, fitted, that’s 30 million cars just in Europe
  • The batteries are still a lead acid battery but with the necessary modifications.
  • The first generation of vehicles fitted with these types of batteries was 2008

Why is there a price difference?

The new batteries are designed to withstand the demands of modern vehicles and therefore are much more advanced than a standard wet lead acid battery,

You are getting more battery for your money. If a car already has an AGM fitted, then a traditional wet lead won’t work. The battery will suffer serious plate corrosion and could lose up to 16% capacity to be discharged to the same level that the AGM and EFB.

Monbat labels match what it is in the box so you can expect outstanding, reliable results.