Leisure Batteries

As a leisure battery supplier, we have a wide range of leisure batteries for sale. We offer the best leisure batteries and many different types, so you have a range to choose from to make the right choice for you. The National Caravan and Camping Club (NCC) have created a class system to help you choose which leisure battery is right for you. This has helped determine the best leisure batteries since 2017. The leisure batteries must be tested in an Independent laboratory. Our Monbat batteries are Class C and the AGM and Gel excide batteries are Class A and Class B. 

    What to look for when buying your leisure battery?  

    When looking to purchase a leisure battery, looking for a cheap battery is not always the best thing to do, everyone knows the phrase “you get what you pay for” this certainly applies for leisure batteries, why spend money on your motorhome or boat to then go ahead and fit a leisure battery that’s going to let you down and ruin your experience. Here at Mojo Products we only supply premium leisure batteries from reputable manufacturers. Battery manufacturers we use are Monbat and Excide. Monbat batteries have a higher, reliable specification because the batteries are made of a purer lead and the plates are larger and more compact, offering you more power, cycles and deeper discharges. Exide batteries are all about quality, as a company they pride themselves on creating a brighter future, with their mission being to produce innovative quality products to the industry. The leisure range is small but will cover a range of needs.

    The Monbat XL110LB is 100ah and 190mm high making it the perfect height for a compact space, e.g. under the passenger seat. The Monbat XLM110E is larger and has 115Ah which gives you the extra power especially if you have a motor mover. If you require a smaller battery, we sell the Monbat XLM85E at 75Ah; they are all 12-volt leisure batteries. Gel and AGM batteries are becoming much more popular, we sell sealed Gel leisure batteries online within our Excide range which includes the ES900 sealed Gel Battery at 80ah.  

    4 key points to weigh up when choosing your leisure battery:

    - Fit & Space
    - Watt-Hours
    - Cyclic Life
    - Capacity 

    Size is important when choosing your leisure battery; making sure you measure the space to ensure you can install your chosen battery. 

    Watt-hours represent the amount of power the battery can supply when fully charged. You need to figure out how many watts you require so your battery can efficiently supply power to all your appliances. For example, 5 light bulbs rated at 20 watts for 4 hours takes 4 x 20 x 4 = 320-watt hours. All appliances on your motor mover need to be considered. 

    The cyclic life of the battery means how many times can the battery be discharged to 50% then fully recharge. The higher the number of cycles the more work the battery can do during its years in service.  

    The Ah refers to the capacity of the battery, the higher the Ah the longer it will operate your appliances.  

    Leisure batteries compared to car and motorcycle batteries 

    Leisure batteries differ from car and motorcycle batteries as they provide a steady supply of power over a prolonged period. Leisure batteries are not used as a start-up power supply, unlike a car battery or motorcycle battery; they make use of larger and squarer plates to give the ability of deep discharges.

    Why buy from us

    Here at Mojo Products, our success in selling leisure batteries online is due to our range of products, selling high-quality batteries from reputable brands and our excellent customer service. We offer fast and reliable delivery, offering a next day service if ordered by 1 pm Monday to Friday. Any questions? Then send us an email now for a fast response. Mojolife…. Getting you on the move!

    A leisure battery is the core component for your motorhome, campervan and caravan. Your leisure battery feeds your television, lights, fridge freezer, pumps and much more so having a deep cycle battery is significant. Everybody wants their camping experience to be great, so, therefore, you need your leisure battery to be working to its best ability to make sure your electrical system is reliable. If you own a motor mover, then we recommend a yearly check of your leisure battery to make sure it’s in a first-rate condition to ensure that your holiday will run smoothly.