Mobility Batteries

Don’t let your mobility scooter battery slow your life down. We have the deep cycle batteries you need to get you back out on the road. Haze GEL and AGM Battery technology are purposely designed to work on electric vehicles and mobility scooters. Most popular scooter brands use two batteries to power the electric carts so if you have one faulty battery, we suggest you replace both; The old battery will reduce the new batteries life cycle and affect the power output. If you need advice on charging and mobility scooter battery care, please drop us an email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Mobility Batteries are one of the most crucial aspects of your mobility scooter or mobility chair. Without the mobility battery, your scooter is just an extravagant chair, they are the heart of the disability scooter. They need the right amount of power to get you on the move, there is a range of factors which will affect the power you may require for your mobile scooter replacement. The most common mobility scooter batteries for sale range from smaller 12v 7.5 mobility stairlift batteries to 12v 18amp to a middle range 35amp battery to up a big 75amp hour. Almost all mobile scooter batteries come in a pair and it is important to make sure both the batteries are at full health.

Different types

There are three types of batteries which are used and the batteries for mobility scooter prices can range depending on your requirements. An absorbent glass matt battery (AGM), Gel battery and Lithium battery. We sell AGM and GEL Batteries. The AGM is the more affordable option for a scooter. An AGM Battery is ideal for a person who uses the scooter on occasion or makes smaller regular journeys. The battery cycles up quickly to full working capacity so by taking regular journeys your battery will be working at 100% quickly. A GEL battery is literally what it says on the tin, rather than acid floating around it is absorbed by a gel electrolyte which holds the power in place. A Gel battery takes longer to get to 100% cyclic ability but once it is there is will stay at 100% working order long as it has a slower rate of discharge than an AGM Battery. Gel Batteries for mobility scooters work best for a person who uses the scooter or disability chair daily or regularly throughout the week. A Gel battery works well with a range of temperatures, sulphates at a much slower rate and will last longer. There is no better battery as such, it is more important to match the battery to the needs of the users and consider this when looking at prices. 

Charging your mobility battery

There is a massive range of batteries in the world, for all sorts of applications. Some, like car batteries, have an alternator which can charge the battery whilst in use. Other such as remote-control batteries, they have one use and once they are finished you simply recycle them and replace. Other battery types, such a lithium mobile phone battery can be left flat with no power and then once charged the phone will function back at 100% battery without it having a long-lasting effect. This is not the case for AGM and GEL batteries. These mobility scooter batteries must be charged and left charged, if they are left flat it will affect the performance of a battery. The best mobility scooters batteries are the batteries which are charged after every use and are left in a charged state. If an electric mobility scooter battery is left flat and in a discharged state the lead-acid plates start to build up a layer of sulphate, over time this sulphate reduces the movement of the electrodes, reduces the capacity and reducing the run time of the battery. This is not a manufacturing fault and your warranty won’t be valid. To ensure you get the long-lasting performance out of your mobility battery, you must charge it after every use, even if you have a made a small journey. Over winter periods, if you are not using the scooter as regularly, we suggest you give the disability scooter a top upcharge. The key to getting the best mobility scooter battery is just a little bit of tender loving care. 

What to look for when buying?

You need to start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

1)You need to look at what is already in the scooter, start by looking for the voltage. Pride, Strider, Sterling, Scout, Rascal, Freerider and Drive Mobility scooters are more than often a 12 Volt Battery but there are also 6 Volt batteries, they can sometimes be used in stairlifts. 

2) Then you need to look at the Amp-hour, this is a power rating of the battery. The bigger the amp-hour the bigger the power. You can replace like for like, don’t worry too much if the numbers are slightly different, for example, some companies called an 18Ah hour a battery a 22Ah battery if you have concerns measure the box size, measurering is the most important thing to ensure you order the correct battery. 

Upgrading your battery 

What if you want more from your disability scooter battery? How can you upgrade? The first option is to upgrade from an AGM to a GEL. The box sizes are the same and the Ah very similar, but with a GEL you will have a longer-lasting battery with a great range, much more cycles and a lower rate of self-discharge. Secondly, you can simply get a bigger battery with more Ah. This will help carry more weight or power and any extra electrical equipment on your scooter chair, such as a light. Be sure to check the space where the battery will fit, on some scooters the battery box space is limited, so be sure to check that before ordering.  

We sell the HAZE EX range Battery. Same box sizes but the EX range provides more Ah hour.  For example, an 18EX offers 26Ah. The EX batteries do weigh more as there are more lead and acid contained within the battery. Haze offers 5 more batteries in this range and it's an exclusive range from HAZE. 

18 EX = 26Ah
26 EX = 33Ah
33 EX = 41Ah
44 EX = 56Ah
55 EX = 64Ah

This is done by utilising empty box space. Any battery which has EX in the product code has more amp hour and will give you that extra mile you need. 

Many brands will increase the Ah hour on the box to make the battery look better than it is. Haze is a genuine manufacture company, based in China but owned by two English Brothers, it's a reputable brand and known for quality.

Behind a haze label in a haze battery. They have been in business for over 30 years and offer a quality battery with a 1-year manufacturing warranty. The battery is the heart of the product and it is worth spending on a quality product, it will save you time and money in the long term and reduce any future hassle. A cheap mobility battery is not always the right choice, you need to look at your options and the battery technology.

Why buy from us

 We’re mobility scooter batteries suppliers with years of experience and we are proud of our products and we also offer a next day delivery if ordered by 1 pm. Chat to us now LIVE if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help as we pride our self’s our customer service. The Mojolife…. Getting you on the move.