Car Batteries

A Car Battery is the heart of the engine as it provides the starting power for the engine and the energy to get you on the move. Like all car parts, the battery does become worn down and a car battery replacement will be required. It is vital to fit the best car battery to your car as it can be all too easy to underpower your car, but you cannot overpower it. Car technology has advanced over the years and this includes car battery technology. If you are unsure of which car battery you require you can send us a part number of and/or dimensions or your number plate and we will cross-reference for you.

A Car battery has a High CCA (cold cranking amp) compared to other batteries we sell on the website. The CCA provides that quick burst of energy needed to start the engine.  

When (you are looking) to buy a car battery online is it imperative to check you are buying the right battery. You must look beyond the car battery cost as these days, it not only starts the engine, it powers the lights, digital displays radio and sound system, windscreen wipers and indicators. A Luxury vehicle often has heated seats, heated steering wheels and power sockets to charge phones or sat nav. The car alternator will re-charge the battery but if the battery is too small for the original job then it will not last too long. 

There are three main types of car battery technology, flooded lead-acid battery, AGM (absorbent glass matt) and EFB (enhanced flooded battery) and two types of sizing, European and Asian. Most car batteries are 12V.

Wet Flooded Battery 

What is a wet flooded Battery 

A wet flooded battery is a lead-acid battery where the lead plates are surrounded by sulphuric acid and distilled water mixture inside the case. Wet flooded batteries are often not sealed units and therefore they vent their gases and need to be fitted upright. Most car batteries cannot really be topped up now, that is only really applicable to the bigger commercial batts with the vents you can unscrew at the top)

How does it work? 

A wet flooded battery works by turning chemical energy between the sulphuric acid solution and lead plates into electrical energy which is used to either start an engine, or power an electrical circuit over a period of time such as lights or an alarm. As a battery discharges the sulphur in the solution sticks to the lead plates reducing the capability of the chemical reaction. Charging a battery removes the sulphur from the plates and back into the solution allowing the use of the reaction once again. 

What are European sizes? 

European battery sizes, often referred to as DIN sizes are those which are found on cars manufactured in Europe, for example Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Skoda, Renault, Volvo, Porsche, Mini, Vauxhall. Common part numbers are, 063, 075, 079, 027, 096, 096L and 019, they are all 175mm wide, but their length and height do differ. All 175mm wide, but either 175 or 190 high.

What are the Japanese sizes? 

Japanese, Asian battery sizes, often referred to as JIS sizes are those which are found on cars manufactured across Asia, for example, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki. Common part numbers are 056, 005L, 054 and 089, 249, 088. The Width does differ also, and the only height is constant here at 220mm 

There are some manufacturers who make cars in both Europe and in Asia like Toyota who make them in the UK and Japan. The UK made ones use DIN sizes and Japanese made ones use JIS sizes. 

Advanced battery technology 

There is an ever-growing concern and focus on climate change and ways to reduce its potential impacts. Recycling waste, energy-efficient light bulbs, constant reminders to use less hot water and the importance of reducing our carbon footprints. Reducing our carbon footprint isn’t voluntary anymore the EU have targets and the car manufactures must meet these guidelines. All new car batteries must help contribute to cut CO2 emission to 95/km by 2020. If a new car goes over these emission figures vehicle manufacturers will be charged up to 250 Euro. The logic is quite simple when the car isn’t moving the engine will turn off, and this will reduce CO2. The old vehicle batteries don’t have the strength to deal with this type of demand, so the batteries had to be improved. 

Monbat Batteries 

Monbat Batteries is a fast-growing company which manufactures lead-acid batteries, they have been trading in the sales of car batteries for over 50 years. The wide range of products ranges includes starter batteries, leisure, marine, solar stationary AGM batteries and special batteries for military applications. Their facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machines using latest technologies, granting high-quality products and reaching annual volumes of 3.5 automotive and 0.5M AGM batteries. 

Economy range 

If you are looking to buy a car battery online and you’re working to a tighter budget, then the Mojo Economy range may work for you. A cheap car battery will still provide you with the power you need to start your car. But as said before always check the original car battery so you’re buying a battery with an equal capacity (Ah). With a car battery, you can always go up, from wet-lead to EFB to end up with an AGM, you can’t fit a lesser technology; this is applicable to capacity (Ah) also, you can fit a higher-powered battery but you can’t power down.

Mojo Products Service

Here at Mojo Products, our success in selling leisure batteries online is due to our range of products, selling high-quality batteries from reputable brands and our excellent customer service. We offer fast and reliable delivery, offering a next day service if ordered by 1 pm Monday to Friday. Any questions? Then send us an email now for a fast response. Mojolife…. Getting you on the move!