When talking about marine batteries it does cover a huge spectrum of marine vehicle types, from speed boats to canal boats to sailing and leisure yacht.  You may need a marine battery for an engine starter, the same as a car to kick start the engine and get the boat moving in the water.  Although a marine power battery is much more heavy duty than the average car battery. They offer a big burst of energy using the cold cranking amp (CCA), this battery is simply known as a marine start battery. Or you may be looking for a leisure battery to run your boat’s electrics, or you may be looking for both.

The second most popular type of marine leisure battery you may be needing is a deep discharge marine battery. This battery will run the day to day electrics of the boat, especially if you are out at sea for a while.  This battery works in a similar manor to a caravan or motorhome battery when they go off grid. This battery works by slowly discharging power over a long period. They have a lower CCA but a deeper rate of discharge. They may be charged when a boat is plugged it at a dock or may need a sperate charge when the boat is in not in use. Marine gel batteries are perfect for this type of application.

There are many benefits to buying a marine and leisure gel battery. Gel batteries have a deeper depth of discharge. This means the battery can use 80% of its power and can be charged back up and it will have a better cycle life than AGM.  If you discharge a battery 20% and fully recharge it will last longer than if you discharge a battery 50% every time. Often people use two batteries for dual purpose as discharging two batteries a smaller amount results in them lasting longer overall, also known as increased cycle life. A Gel battery is more resilient to this and has an increased cycle life and a greater depth of discharge. Gel Batteries are also more durable to changes in weather temperature, it can be more efficient in hotter and colder weather than a standard lead acid battery.  This is vital for marine boats if you have changing weather during the day or out at sea.

Leisure and Marine batteries use the NCC scheme to help you identify that you are buying a reputable and reliable branded battery. Even though this is a scheme created by the National Caravan Camping the quality scheme can be applied to Marine Leisure Batteries. Class A have the highest capacity and work away form electric hook up. Class B are for frequent users who may have a regular demand on the battery and class C are the lower capacity battery which covers the basic needs electrical demand. To find out more about NCC batteries please message us and we’ll be happy to help.

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