Buglar Alarm Batteries

What are Burglar alarm batteries?

Alarms are a great way to keep the things important to you, safe. Every burglar alarm has a source of energy to power the device. A burglar alarm battery is the most common type of power. The benefit of an alarm that uses a battery is that it does not require mains power so if there was a power cut then it will still work. 

What types of batteries are used for Burglar alarms?

There are a few types of burglar alarms, some are the new style of smart alarms, some are the more traditional alarm system. There are several types of burglar alarm battery and the normal volts for a traditional burglar alarm is 12 volts. We have a range of Haze batteries that are sealed lead acid batteries. 

What is the main purpose of Burglar alarm batteries? 

The main purpose of a burglar alarm battery depends on what the application of the battery is. Some burglar alarm systems are used as a backup power supply in the event of a power outage. These usually can power an alarm for up to 12 hours without the mains. Another use for a burglar alarm battery could be if it is in a wireless sensor and it is their only source of power. It is important to replace the batteries when an expired battery may have a lower capacity or indeed could render the alarm system inoperable. 

What are the main/popular brands of burglar alarm batteries that Mojo Products stock?

There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to burglar alarm batteries. So when it comes to burglar alarm battery replacements, it is important to find the right one for your needs. You may need a burglar alarm bell box battery replacement or one that relies on solar energy. Mojo Products uses the brand Haze as they offer 5 years design life and are completely sealed. Sealed units make them spill and leak proof and also water tight so they are less susceptible to water damage and corrosion. 

How to replace a Burglar alarm battery

Once you have the right size and voltage burglary alarm battery, you need to replace it. The steps for burglar alarm battery replacement are luckily pretty simple. You do not have to do it yourself but if you choose to then you will need to do the following:

Step 1

Open up the panel and locate the battery. The battery is the part that has 2 cables running from it to the main alarm system.

Step 2

When you remove the battery it will sound the alarm. The way to stop this alarm going off is to input the original code from when it was installed. Usually this is given to you by the technician who installed the burglar alarm. 

Step 3

Power is still running through the alarm. So before attempting the burglar alarm battery replacement, you want to make sure it is not connected to the mains. If you do not then there is a high chance of electrocution. 

Step 4

Place the new battery into the battery compartment and wire it back up. Check the message  that appears on the box as it may display that the box has been tampered with.

Step 5

If the alarm is activated then it may be the spring loaded switch on the panel to symbolise tampering. You will need to make sure the switch has been reset