Why do batteries fail in the winter?

A batteries optimum temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. Cold temperatures put the car's starter system under great strain. Cold weather affects the battery by reducing its capacity to hold charge and therefore can go flat. Hot weather can also have a similar affect.

What are the main two battery faults?

There are two main factors which are covered by manufacturer's warranty. A Faulty cell, this occurs when the active material on the plates doesn't form properly; the breakdown of which causes one cell lose its voltage totally. Secondly an open circuit. This problem can be total or intermittent, it’s caused by a severed or fractured inter-cell connector.

Common user errors that can't be claimed under warranty?

Undercharge; you must make sure your battery is charged immediately after use.

Fitting the incorrect battery to an application. Fitting the wrong battery will prematurely damage the battery through no fault of the manufacturer.

What if I have a faulty battery?

If you suspect your battery has failed then we will test it for you. We fully charge the battery before testing and a copy of the results is issued. If your battery has suffered from a true manufacturing fault then we will replace it for you as long as it is within the warranty period stated.

What is an AGM battery and what vehicle should it be fitted to?

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are fitted onto Start/Stop vehicles with a regenerative breaking system. Monbat produce vast amounts of AGM batteries which are absolutely maintenance-free, leakage, spill and vibration proof. Fitting a non-AGM battery to a Start/Stop vehicle with regenerative breaking will damage the battery and is not covered by warranty.

What is an EFB battery and what vehicle should it be fitted to?

EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries are fitted to vehicles with a basic Start/Stop system. Monbat produce vast amounts of EFB batteries which are absolutely maintenance-free, leakage, spill and vibration proof. Fitting a non-EFB battery to a basic Start/Stop vehicle will damage the battery and is not covered by warranty.

Can I replace a standard battery with an AGM battery?

Yes you can always upgrade your battery but you can’t downgrade. It is always best to fit a like for like battery but if your car is fitted with an AGM Start/Stop battery you have to fit the same AGM battery technology.

How should I charge my battery?

Most vehicles have an alternator fitted to charge the battery, this takes time so short journeys won’t give the battery time to re-charge fully after starting. If you have an application which doesn’t have an alternator, such a mobility scooter or golf buggy please recharge your battery with the charger provided straight after use. Leaving a battery discharged will cause the plates the sulphate. This is not covered under manufacturing fault and your warranty claim will be in invalid.

What if I only use my battery seasonally?

If you’re using a battery on a seasonal application you should always make sure it is fully charged when you’ve finished with it at the end of the season. Batteries have a natural discharge rate of roughly 3% per month (temperature dependent) therefore you should keep it on a trickle charger or top it up every 4 to 6 weeks when it’s not being used. Store your battery in a cool dry place when not in use.

What is the difference between Gel and AGM? Which is better?

An AGM battery is a lead acid battery with absorbent glass mat between the plates. A Gel battery is vacuum sealed with a gel silica housing the plates. They are both deep cycle batteries but they have slightly different properties which make them better for certain applications.

What is shelf life?

 Shelf life is how long a battery remains fully charged and serviceable while being stored. This is typically 6 months. To increase shelf life all you need to do is regularly charge the battery and store it in a fully charged state.

Does fitting a higher powered battery harm my vehicle?

The best battery solution for any vehicle is to fit the most powerful battery possible. There is no concern with a battery being too powerful when it comes to starting a car. However fitting a battery that does not have enough power could result in poor performance and the vehicle not starting, as well as the auxiliary electronics underperforming.

Why does a tail lift effect the battery?

Tail lifts on delivery vehicles place a large demand on batteries with constant charge and discharge coupled with short journeys, not giving sufficient time to recharge the batteries between deliveries. This will cause the batteries to become discharged quickly, eventually weakening to such a level the vehicle may fail. The ideal solution is to fit the highest amp battery possible and have an auxiliary battery.

What charger should I be using?

If your application doesn’t come with a battery charger, we recommend using a charger that gives an output of 10-15% of the Ah on the battery. For example a 100Ah battery should use a 10-15Ah charger. Please contact us at sales@mojoproducts.co.uk

Is a battery ready to use as soon as I purchase it?

All sealed batteries are charged before they leave the factory. It is recommended to check the battery voltage before its first use in case it needs a top-up charge. When it comes to motorcycle batteries, they will all be sent out pre-filled with acid due to new regulations.

Can I upgrade battery in terms of size?

The bigger the battery the higher the capacity. The best thing for any application is to fit the biggest battery possible. Usually the physical size of the battery is the only restriction so whenever changing your battery make sure you have the dimensions of the space available to hand, thus ensuring you are able to get the biggest battery possible.

What fits my car?

The correct battery for your car often be found in the vehicle’s handbook or online. Please check that you are buying the correct battery for your car depending on if it has Start/Stop function or not as this will require an EFB or AGM battery.

Why are Stop/Start batteries more expensive?

EFB & AGM batteries are designed to withstand the demands of modern vehicles and their additional electrical equipment. A standard battery is designed to just start the car and be re-charged by the alternator. Start/Stop batteries are designed to by cycled to low voltages and withstand the demand of regular engine starts when not fully charged. The lead plates are bigger and their coated in a special paste to prevent them from breaking down. The additional materials is the main reason for the price difference.

Why are Gel batteries more expensive?

Gel batteries are manufactured in a different way to all other batteries. The technology both in production but also the research and development of them means they are more expensive to make per unit. The gel silica inside the battery protects the plates from sulphation and results in a greater cyclic performance as well as operation in harsher conditions. All these factors combined make the gel battery a more robust but expensive product.

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