Multibuy Savings

Electric Vehicle applications are wide and varied, with this type of battery fitting a variety of different vehicles for example, Mobility Scooters / Golf Trolleys / Golf Buggies / Jump Packs / Lawn Mowers / Signalling Equipment / Water Pumps / Leisure and many more. Multibuy Benefits Replacing one out of two batteries in a mobility scooter/ Golf Buggy/ Electric vehicle will result in the new battery having to work harder to support the existing battery that has already degraded. This will result in regular battery replacements of one each time. Replacing two batteries will increase the overall life of the pair and result in changing your batteries less regularly.

    • Many electric vehicle applications use two or four batteries
    • Replacing both batteries will improve the overall life span of the batteries
    • Both batteries will work at 100% capacity
    • Long term financial benefits
    • Same brand and ah hour power
    • Same warranty period
    • % Saving from buying two at the same time