The magnetic phone holder can be used in the windscreen, on your desk, on a mirror and dashboard, basically anywhere which is flat this is because of the sucker twisting lock mean(s) it can grip onto almost anything. This hand free car mobile accessories will then use two magnets, one if(of) which goes on the back of your phone and one on the device, this then holds your phone safety(ly) in place so there is no need to touch it whilst driving. It is also great for placing on your desk so you can look across from computer to phone with ease.  Another great in car phone accessory is the retractable phone charger. As you cannot use your phone whilst driving; why not charge it! The retractable cable stops the irritation of a cable getting wrapped around the hand break or getting broken because it gets trapped in the door or stood on. When not in use you simply press a button and it retracts into the case which sits in the cigarette lighter. Next time you get stuck in traffic or on a long journey you don’t have to worry about the dreaded low battery notification.

Our mobile phone charger accessory range is more than just a car charger. We have a section(selection) of powerbanks in a range of four bright colours. These are designed to charge your phone whilst you are on the move or away from a phone charging socket for a while, such as camping or a music festival. Simple(simply) charge them up and then they store the power until you plug your phone in. They are the ideal smartphone accessories for anyone who works regular on their phones or travels a lot.  We also have a solar panel charger. This is a great powerbank which can also be charged up by simple(simply) using sunlight, the ideal solution when on a camping trip and the best mobile accessory battery which has multi uses.

When you are looking to buy mobile accessories online there are so many options. Fifo is a low-price mobile accessories brand which have sold phone accessories online and in shops in the UK for over 17 years. They are one of the leaders in their market because they create the best mobile accessories to fit your needs as a phone user. Such as the duel home charger which has two USB ports so you can charge two phones or one phone and an apple watch. They have also created a 2- or 3-meter charger cable if you have a hard to reach plug. All our mobile phone accessorises are compatible with most popular smartphones.  

Mojo Products is successful in selling mobile phone accessories online is due to our range of products, selling high-quality batteries from reputable brands and our excellent customer service.