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Tigra Sport Smartphone Mount Bike Kit

Tigra Sport Universal Bike 6" Smartphone Mount case

This smartphone mount for your bike opens up a world of new adventures! This universal bike kit allows you to benefit from your navigation/fitness apps when out and about on your bike.

Your phone securely attaches into the mount, which is then attached to your mounting bracket either landscape or portrait depending on what you prefer. It's very secure once firmly in place and is super easy to fit and remove.   

Fitting almost any smartphones with a screen size of up to 6.0", the MountCase easily attaches to the mounting bracket with a simple twist-lock system. 

The mount comes with two different sized RainGuards to protect the phone from rain if necessary while leaving the touchscreen function able, and for most phone models, all phone features and ports can be accessed.

What are you waiting for!? Start exploring new places today with this great bit of kit! 


  • Can fit bars/stems of 20-45mm
  • Openings on all sides for access to phone's buttons and ports for most models
  • Cradle has concealed stainless steel spring inside for automatic retraction in vertical direction to hold phones of different sizes- ( 5.33"-6.9" )
  • Cradle detachable from mounting bracket, and can attach on any MountCase mounts
  • Safety lock at the back of the cradle to hold your phone firmly
  • A RainGuard case is included if it rains. This is designed for light showers but it's been used successfully in heavy downpours for a short period of time.
  • This case uses the same mounting mechanism that all of the Tigra MountCase cases use so if you already have a car windscreen, arm or flex mount this case will fit all of them.

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