Motorcycle Batteries

Our range of motorbike batteries have high starting power and long-lasting performance. Batteries offer a wide range to fit most Motorcycles, scooters, off-road vehicles from your Harley Davidson, Ducati, and Yamaha to the ATV Honda and the Kawasaki jet ski and boat. The Unibat Batteries are Italian and use the latest in battery technology. Due to new licensing rules, the batteries will now be pre-filled and sealed before shipment.

A motorcycle battery works in the same way as a car battery, it’s designed to give off a short burst of power to start the engine and then it recharges through the alternator. By buying the best motorcycle battery online you can ensure you’re getting a full throttle starting power.

So, what is Amp hour (Ah)?

The Ah is a measure of the battery’s capacity and the higher the Ah the more power you will get from your battery. If you have a bike with a large engine, then you will need to look for a battery with a higher (Ah) performance and the same for If you have a bike that requires power for electrical equipment, then you will also need to look for a battery with a high capacity (Ah). 

Different types of batteries? 

When researching for a motorcycle battery replacement you will discover a wide range available for sale online, but which type of motorcycle battery do you need? Motorcycle batteries come in four different types, wet lead-acid bike battery (original type), AGM, Gel and lithium. Wet lead-acid batteries are the lowest cost to buy, however, they can spill if flipped onto their side or upside down. AGM and Gel bike batteries won’t leak as they are sealed and more technical when it comes to the technology that goes into making the battery. In the last 4 years, lithium bike batteries have come into the market, these batteries are lightweight, 65% lighter than your equivalent in a lead-acid battery. If you are looking to upgrade your bike battery to lightweight lithium then it's easy to find when shopping online as all lead-acid part numbers have a lithium equivalent, so it is easy to find when researching. Everyone's choice of motorcycle battery is different as it depends on your budget, your bike type and the power you require. 

When you want to buy a motorcycle battery, it’s not always the best idea to purchase a cheap motorbike battery, as it’s the life source of your bike, if you care about reliability then you want to select the best motorcycle battery so you don't get left stranded when out and about. 

Here at Mojo products, we supply a specially designed range for all motorcycles, scooters, jetski, ATV, Hondas, Suzuki, Triumph and Kawasaki and Yamaha. We supply Unibat motorcycle batteries who offer a few different ranges, the MF series range is constructed with lead calcium alloy and thanks to absorbed Glass Mat Technology they do not need any maintenance: No spills, no leaks, no acid check. The highest Ah capacity and the best endurance of charging performance are guaranteed. Furthermore, the fibreglass mat separators the high cell concentration which extends battery life, and this results in the end-user not needing to worry about problems caused by vehicle vibration. Our online motorcycle battery shop also offers the Unibat CX Series, which have advanced AGM technology, are 100% sealed, maintenance-free and completely leak-proof. They have a superior starting power and are one of the top motorbike batteries for sale due to the long-lasting life, the tightly packed construction and the calcium reinforced grids plates which prevent separation and guard against vibration damage. There's no need for electrolyte water with this type of battery since they are already charged and ready to use. Due to new licensing rules, the batteries will now be pre-filled and sealed before shipment. Please read all instructions included within the box.

How to look after your battery?

To keep your battery in top condition you need to charge it regularly to keep it in good working order for those winter months when the mornings are cold, this will also extend the battery’s service life. Another important element to consider is the motorbike battery voltage, which comes as either a 12-volt battery or a 6-volt battery. Classic bike brands such as BMW and Harley Davidson often will have 6-volt batteries. One of the most important motorcycle battery accessories is a charger. During bad weather or the winter months, you may feel less inclined to use your motorbike. Over a period, a battery will naturally be discharged from something as simple as an alarm, slowly using the power. When spring comes your battery may have lost some power and won’t be able to start your motorbike. A high-performance motorcycle battery is crucial, and a little bit of maintenance will help your battery provide the long last power you need. A Trickelmate charger is a low output charger, it continuously keeps your battery charged and once the battery is at 100% charged it will cut-out, so you don’t have to worry about your motorbike battery overcharging. This cheap small charger will improve the life of your motorcycle battery and save you any potential hassle.

Why buy from us?

Here at Mojo Products, our success in selling motorcycle batteries online is due to our range of products, selling high-quality batteries from reputable brands and our excellent customer service. We offer fast and reliable delivery, offering a next day service if ordered by 1 pm Monday to Friday. Any questions? Then send us an email now for a fast response. Mojolife…. Getting you on the move!