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HAZE GEL Electric Vehicle Battery HZY-EV12-80

Haze electric vehicle gel batteries always deliver when you need them. Gel technology delivers cranking amps, general power and long/deep discharges. Haze electric vehicle gel batteries deliver maximum capacity within twenty cycles and keep delivering up to 650 cycles. Electric Vehicle applications are wide and varied, with this type of battery fitting a variety of different vehicles, for example, Mobility Scooters / Golf Trolleys / Golf Buggies / Jump Packs / Lawn Mowers / Signalling Equipment / Water Pumps / Leisure and many more. 

• 100% recyclable battery from one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers
• 12-month warranty
• Manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 Standards
• Cycle Life: To ensure maximum cycle life it is recommended that the battery be fully recharged as soon as possible after use. Cycle life is very dependent on the depth of discharge (DOD)


• 12V

• 87.9Ah

• 24.4kg

• L - 260 mm

• W - 168 mm

• H - 211 mm

• Colour- Grey


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