Golf Trolley, Cart and Buggy Batteries

Don’t let your golf trolley battery slow your game down. We have deep cycle batteries you need to get you back out on the green at the club without a hitch. Haze GEL and AGM Battery technology is purposely designed to work on electric vehicles and golf carts, such as PowaKaddy and Motocaddy. The EX range are the most popular box sizes but with more ah Hour for your box size, meaning you get more golf games in without having to upgrade your trolley to accommodate a bigger battery. The 18EX has 26ah that is 35% more power than a standard AGM, meaning more playtime for you. We also stock the battery chargers, bags and connectors so you have everything you need to get you back out on the course.

These days the game of golf has become more accessible with the help of a powered golf buggies and golf trollies, you no longer need to carry a heavy bag or even hire a caddy (unless you’re Rory McIlory). For your golf trolley, you can choose from lead-acid AGM batteries, Gel batteries and lithium batteries, they come in different sizes depending on how much power you require, and all offer different technologies and benefits. 

AGM, Gel or Lithium, what is the difference? 

These three types of electric vehicle batteries used in golf trollies and golf buggies are suitable for different reasons and use, depending on what your needs are. An AGM is more suitable for an occasional golfer, you may do 18 holes twice a month or maybe even once a week during the summer months. An AGM gets up to working capacity quickly and has a long cycle life. The bigger the battery the more power and playtime you will have. If you play two rounds in one day, or if your course is particularly long or hilly, then you will need a bigger battery or an EX increased capacity battery. GEL batteries provide a longer-lasting battery (much more cycles) with a great range, they are able to withstand deeper discharges and have a lower rate of self-discharge and this is why Gel Batteries tend to be that bit more expensive. Lithium batteries are lighter in weight and they can be left in a discharged state without any damage to the battery. They have a hugely increased life span (offering the most cycles of all by far) and the ability to deep cycle whilst maintaining power, due to this Lithium will cost you the most.  All Haze electric vehicle batteries must be charged after use and left to fully charge. Leaving a battery flat will result in sulphation and loss of capacity that cannot be recovered.The purpose for these types of batteries is to give your golf cart, golf buggy and golf trolley power when out on the course, our batteries give you the power and reliability to enjoy your game of golf with ease.

So, what is the difference between golf batteries and other batteries? 

Golf batteries are different from car and motorcycle batteries as they are cyclic, they are not used as a start-up battery. They can deep cycle, offer constant power and require charging, unlike car and motorcycle batteries which get recharged by the alternator when they are being used. Think of how your battery works on your mobile phone, it’s similar with golf batteries, you charge the battery, use it and then re-charge it when required so you can use it the next day. The main difference between a mobile power battery and your golf battery is that you can’t leave it flat. As mobile phone batteries are lithium, they can be left with 0% battery for a week and when you charge it will be up to 100% again. Over time leaving an AGM battery or even a Gel battery flat will result in the plates sulphating. Sulphur presents itself as a white crystal and you may have seen it on older batteries around the terminals. With golf batteries the bigger the battery the more power you will get.

Our golf batteries can be fitted to all popular golf trolley brands: 


Thinking of an upgrade?

What if you want more from your golf battery? How can you upgrade? The first option is to upgrade from an AGM to a GEL. The box sizes are the same and the Ah hour is very similar, but with a GEL as explained at the start, you will have a longer-lasting battery (much more cycles) with a great range and a lower rate of self-discharge, GEL batteries can withstand deeper discharges and greater ‘user abuse’. Secondly, you can simply get a bigger battery with more Ah. The Haze EX range offers a higher capacity in the same box size, there are 5 batteries in this range. This is an exclusive range from HAZE: 

18 EX = 26Ah
26 EX = 33Ah
33 EX = 41Ah
44 EX = 56Ah
55 EX = 64Ah

Why buy from us?

You should choose Mojo Products for your golf trolley, golf cart and golf buggy batteries because we have a wide range to choose from, we supply Haze AGM and Gel batteries, which are premium batteries made from quality materials. Haze is an environmentally friendly brand as all materials can be recycled. Here at Mojo Products we always strive to offer the best customer service and we want our customers to have a great shopping experience. We offer fast and reliable delivery and customer support before purchase and after. If you are unsure what battery is right for you then email us for a fast response.