If you are looking to buy an alarm battery then you have come to the right place, we sell a wide range of alarm batteries, from a burglar, intruder alarms, alarm sensor batteries, alarm box battery and security alarm systems,  browse our range now. 

There is a range of different batteries that are used for alarms, we sell Haze sealed lead-acid batteries.  Haze alarm batteries differ from other brands on the market as they have innovative features such as it has a 5 years design life on the HZS range. 

- Fully jar formed plates
- Low impurity electrolyte
- Spill proof
- Leak proof
- Valve regulated
- Multi-position usage
- ABS case and cover
- V0 on request and low self-discharge
- FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous

An alarm battery is installed to back up the alarm power if there is a main power loss. An alarm battery can provide up to 8hours of power if you have a larger battery.  The sealed lead-acid battery can often be referred to as SLA (sealed lead acid) or VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) Batteries. You’ll get an indication from your system that your battery needs replacing, such as beeping, your control panel may signal you or potentially false alarms going off. A battery may be replaced during a service, but it is recommended to update your alarm battery at least once a year. The batteries will just sit nicely in the panel as they are maintenance-free so they won’t need any maintenance. They have increased durability if they are used on heavy demand applications. Alarm batteries can be used for a variety of different applications such as:

- Float service
- Uninterruptible Power Supplies 
- Medical Telecommunications 
- Switch Gear 
- Wind 
- Control Systems 
- Cellular Radio Stations 
- Cathodic Protection
- Navigation Aids 
- Marine equipment 
- Electric Power Systems

Alarm batteries are the life source of your alarm system, you don’t spend money fitting an alarm security system for the batteries to then fail. It’s important to pick good quality batteries that will last and be reliable. Haze batteries are quality assured and recognised as a quality brand, they are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of VRLA, AGM and Gel Batteries, used for backup power in such companies as Vodafone and Network Rail. They can be installed at any angle, are maintenance-free and have a 5-year design life.  

Alarm batteries are usually 12v but we do offer 6v and come in smaller box sizes, such as 4ah, 6ah, 7ah, 7.5ah and 10ah. As with any battery purchased from our site, it is recommended that you check what is originally in the system taking note of the part number, capacity (Ah) and dimensions to cross-reference. 

Here at Mojo Products, our success in selling alarm batteries online is due to our range of products, selling high-quality batteries from reputable brands and our excellent customer service. We offer fast and reliable delivery, offering a next day service if ordered by 1 pm Monday to Friday. Any questions? Then send us an email now for a fast response. Mojolife…. Getting you on the move!