AGM (absorbent glass matt) 

An AGM battery has absorbent glass mat separator which helps retain the electrolyte. The electrolyte is held in place, keeping it in constant contact with the active lead material on the plates AGM’s tend to be a bit taller so the plates are taller.) The acid can’t move and is held in suspension (which results in higher efficiency when both discharging and charging). With half a million AGM batteries produced by Monbat a year you can expect quality and incredible specification from a Monbat Car Battery.  AGM is traditionally used in high end cars which have a regenerative brake system. An AGM is also a popular commercial vehicle battery and can be used as a camper van leisure battery.   

- An increase of 30-40% cold cranking power compared to a standard battery 
- Increased cycle life 
- Fully sealed suitable for stop start vehicles 
- Maintenance free 
- Vibration proof 
- Extra long service life 
- Can be taken down to 80% deep discharge 
- Extended cycle life 

EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) 

An enhanced flooded battery is once again an improvement on wet lead acid battery. The battery Is more compact so there is less movement within the plates, a plastic paste is added which helps hold and support positive charge. This helps the battery accept charge and reduce plate corrosion therefore improving battery life. 

 EFB offers a cost-effective solution for entry level start stop systems or a lower tier option to AGM for entry level vehicles with a basic stop start function. The engine might not physically cut out when the car stops moving and an EFB can’t be used on a regenerative braking system. 

- Increased cold cranking by 15-20% and faster engine cranking 
- Improved charged acceptance and high cycling performance 
- Sealed maintenance free 
- Deep discharge of 50%