Monbat Premium

Monbat Premium Brand has 30% more starting power which means a supreme lasting battery. The High Ah Hour Batteries are ideal for modern cars, especially cars which have up-to-date electrical equipment such a Phone Charges or Sat Navigation. These are the finest battery on the market due to the new design. This design has punched grids and polyester fleece, this fleece increases the life cycle of the car battery because all the active material is held tightly onto the plate, thus in turn improves the plate quality. This is because the active material can’t move so easily, the fleece helps protect the plate and is less likely to erode because there is minimum movement. The vibration resistance is V2 and the endurance level is E2 They can withstand extreme weather conditions, which includes being heatproof. On a boiling day, the bonnet of a car can reach extreme heat and due to the low water consumption on the Premium range batteries these is less evaporation, so the battery won’t dry out. If you ever have concerns on how your batteries charge level is, you can check using the charge level indicator. This is an advanced battery safety feature which will help make your premium Monbat battery reliable.