Mojo products specialises in selling deep cycle truck batteries, which are heavy duty and reliable. Monbat Batteries are experts in manufacturing heavy-duty battery ranges and are a well-known truck battery supplier, as a result they have developed four ranges, the HD series, the SMF series, EFB series and the AGM series. The four battery types have different qualities which effect the truck battery price and the consumers battery requirements.

What are Truck Batteries?

Truck batteries very simply start the engine, the same as a car or a motorcycle battery. They are required to start very large engines and carry huge loads. Over the years the battery development has had to improve because lorries travel a greater distance, carry larger loads and have increased electrical equipment which has increased the demand on the batteries. These include the home comforts now included in luxury long-haul cabs; such as TV’s, microwaves, lights and heating. All vehicles, including Lorries and trucks are also expected to reduce CO2 emissions with start-stop technology, Monbat’s AGM and EFB batteries are designed to support this. The most popular sizes of truck batteries are 629, 627, 625, 663, and 664’s. Monbat uses a star system to rate how well the battery ranges perform on vibration resistance, cycling capability, CCA capability, water consumption, equipment level and value for customer and so it is easy to identify which range meets your needs best. All Monbat Batteries boast high vibration resistance, have a low rate of discharge and improved endurance. They also have enhanced safety and reliability and the water consumption is low.

What specific Truck batteries do Mojo Offer?

The HD series (heavy duty) and a SMF series (sealed maintenance free) offer a complete 12V range for vans, agricultural vehicles, tractor, HGVs coaches and buses. These batteries will meet the basic needs of a truck or lorry with essential electrical equipment.

EFB and AGM Truck and Lorry Batteries

Mojo products also supply Monbat’s EFB and AGM range of truck batteries. Enhanced flooded Battery (EFB) is perfectly suited for heavy duty vehicles which require deep-cycling characteristics. The technology offers improved casted plates fixed with hot melt resin as well as added polyester scrim and glass fleece to the plates. A glass fleece absorbs a proportion of acid and holds it in close proximity to the lead plate. This allows for a better connectivity but also reduces the breakdown of the plate through cyclic use which gives the battery a longer life and better cyclic capabilities. These result in excellent vibration resistance and cyclability. Monbat have also added a specially designed acid circulation system to reduce acid stratification and improve the performance and life of the battery. The EFB battery works with vehicles that have an eco engine and they are perfectly suited for vehicles with advanced electrical equipment. They have the power to provide energy when the engine is off also known as the hotel function. They also have a better tolerance to extreme weather. This is ideal for long-haul truckers who travel across many different countries and temperatures terrains.


Absorbent glass matt (AGM) batteries are the very top-rated heavy-duty battery. The CCA capability is five stars. Monbat’s AGM battery designed for the heavy-duty vehicles and their electrical systems. They contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It has the highest cycling capability giving the battery an extremely long service life. The AGM range consist of three main batteries, 627, 629 and a 625. As with all the Monbat Batteries they are also vibration resistant with a low rate of discharge.


Unlike our other batteries which are sealed, many in these ranges are not sealed as they are vented, meaning gas and air an escape whilst being used. This makes it a little more difficult to send out as we want your battery to arrive to you in tip-top working condition without any leakage. Please do not fret we can send out these batteries on a safe pallet that won’t be put upside down, but the price will depend on postcode. Please email us the quantity you would like along with your postcode or speak to us directly on our online webchat for a delivery quote.

Why Mojo?

We only supply quality reliable batteries as we know they are the heart of the vehicles and when the battery is providing energy for a long-haul trip which is carrying a heavy load it is vital to have a powerful dependable battery. We are happy to help with guiding you on your delivery options and which battery is best.