A farm tractor battery is mainly used for starting the engine on the tractor and agricultural vehicles. Farm equipment batteries are also required to power hydraulic equipment, winches and livestock transport. At Mojo products we stock Monbat batteries which have two main commercial vehicle ranges, these are the heavy-duty range (HD) and the sealed maintenance free series (SMF). The most popular farm equipment batteries are a 629, 627, 625, 663 and 664.

What specific farm equipment batteries do Mojo Offer?
The HD series (heavy duty vehicles) covers a complete 12V range for vans, agricultural vehicles, tractors, HGVs coaches and buses. This range is suitable for vehicles which have standard electrical equipment. The HD series have a wide range of available specifications and applications. They are vibration resistant which is imperative on bumpy farm tracks.

The SMF Series (Sealed maintenance free) boasts an advanced labyrinth system for recombination of gases and reduced water loss increasing its endurance and safety. The SMF series also has a low rate of discharge.

Replacing a tractor battery?

The best way to know which battery your equipment needs is to check what is organically on the machine. There is the option to power up if you want a higher CCA and capacity. There are two main ways you can do this; the first is to simply buy a physically bigger battery, if you have space in the battery box. The second is to replace the battery with a higher capacity power, this can be noted by the use of an S after the part number. This is only available in three popular part numbers, 627S, 625S and a 629S.


Unlike our other batteries which are sealed, many in these ranges are not sealed as they are vented, meaning gas and air an escape whilst being used. This makes it a little more difficult to send out as we want your battery to arrive to you in tip-top working condition without any leakage. Please do not fret we can send out these batteries on a safe pallet that won’t be put upside down, but the price will depend on postcode. Please email us the quantity you would like along with your postcode or speak to us directly on our online webchat for a delivery quote.

Why Mojo?

Our range is so extensive it can meet the needs of a large range of farm equipment and agricultural vehicles. We offer an upgraded version of the most popular batteries meaning you will always get value for money. We will offer you the fastest delivery, a warranty and extensive customer service.