All lead acid batteries can be recycled! The lead, the plastic casing and even the Sulphuric Acid.

The battery is broken apart into separate pieces and each section is broken down, cleaned, washed and remade into batteries and other products. 98% of all lead acid batteries are recycled and made into new batteries.

A battery is made of lead grids, these are melted down in a furnace. Any impurities rise to the top once it starts to cool. When the impurities are removed the remaining lead can be re-melted to make new batteries.

Sulfuric acid can be neutralised which turns the acid into water, one treated its can be used as clean water. The acid can also be converted into to sodium sulphate which can be used in household products, glass and manufacturing.

It is important to recycle a battery because if it left the chemicals can become toxic and contaminate the soil and water. Please contact us as we can offer a discount off your new battery purchase if you send us your old battery.

This YouTube video has some more helpful information.

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