Warranty & Testing


Battery Warranty by Battery Type:

Monbat Automotive – 3 years

Monbat Commercial – 2 years

Monbat Leisure – 2 years

Monbat Industrial – 1 years

HAZE Batteries – 1 year

Unibat Motorcycle – 1 year

Easygolf Lithium – 3 years

*Please note – If your battery is replaced under warranty, the remaining warranty period is only valid from the date the original battery was purchased.*

*Customers will need to provide their receipt of purchase when making a claim.*

 How We Test Our Batteries:

We like to start by making sure the battery is fully charged. If the battery is flat on arrival we connect it to one of our high quality chargers. Charging a battery can take anywhere between 8 and 48 hours depending on how flat it is so please be patient.

Once the battery is fully charged you must leave it for 12-24 hours to cool off. If a battery is tested immediately after coming off charge it will show surface charge which provides a false test reading.

When the battery has cooled off we test it with either a Durite or Alfa-Bat tester. These testers will either test for Voltage and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) in a starter battery or Capacity in a cyclic battery. Depending on how old your battery is, the stated CCA or Capacity on the original label will be adjusted for age.

Upon completion of the test, we will email you to confirm the result. A test report can be provided upon request.


All of our batteries are covered by warranty for a manufacturing fault. If you suspect your battery has a genuine fault, it is your responsibility to return it to us. Once returned, if it is found to be faulty we will replace the battery and send it out to you free of charge and refund your return postage cost.

If a battery is returned to us that has not got a genuine manufacturing fault, you will be charged the cost amount for returning the battery to you.

Please check your battery is fully charged before sending it back to us. The majority of batteries returned under suspected warranty are just flat and need a recharge.

You must provide a copy of your original battery purchase and postage receipt along with your returned battery in order for us to refund your carriage if the battery is faulty.

To be covered under warranty, the battery must be fitted to the correct application for which it is appropriate. Any batteries returned under a warranty claim that have not been fitted to the correct application will not be covered under warranty.

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